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Thursday 30th November 2017 (Manchester Museum)

9.15-10.00: Registration and coffee (Kanaris Theatre Foyer)

10.00- 10.20: Welcome and Introduction (Kanaris Theatre)

10.20-11.10: Keynote: New models for experimental museology
Prof Sarah Kenderdine, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
(Chair: Dr Areti Galani) (Kanaris Theatre)

 AM Visual methodologies and digital cultural heritage Digitality-Materiality
Kanaris Theatre (Chair: Dr Chiara Bonacchi) Discovery Centre (Chair: Dr Haidy Geismar)
11.20 Visual narratives: museum visiting experience on instagram

Maria Arias, University of Manchester

Chasing future feelings?

Tessa Bell, University of Canberra

Dr Tracy Ireland, University of Canberra

11.35 Exploring cultural heritage and identity on photo-sharing social media: a suggested visual methodology

Dr Orsalia-Eleni Kassaveti, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Dr Lia Galani, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Dr Rea Kakampoura, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Dr Areti Galani, Newcastle University

3D scanning as a curatorial tool: stories from the East: The Grice Ivories

Amelia Knowlson, Sheffield Hallam University

11.50 Colouring in the gaps: exploring transnational aesthetics through digital collections

Prof Judith Mottram, Lancaster University

Dr Helen Gorrill, University of Edinburgh

Material/Virtual relations: 3D heritage visualisation and the negotiation of authenticity

Dr Stuart Jeffrey, The Glasgow School of Art

Prof Siân Jones, University of Stirling

12.05 Y Tho: Unpacking Art Memes as Participatory Intertexts

Meredith Whitfield, University of Manchester

Thinking with the work: art practice and digital cultural heritage

Jean Boyd, University of Gloucestershire

12.20 Discussion Discussion

12.50-1.50pm: Lunch (Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Manchester Museum)

 PM Creating personalised heritage experiences Researching the user in the experience of heritage
Kanaris Theatre (Chair: Dr Giasemi Vavoula) Discovery Centre (Chair: Prof Paul Marty)
1.50 Inside out: avatars, agents, cultural agents

Prof Erik Champion, Curtin University

Hang onto your emotions: emotional geographies of the museum

Jess Hoare, Cardiff University

2.05 Designing and evaluating emotionally engaging digital stories in cultural heritage settings

Dr Maria Economou, University of Glasgow

Dr Hilary Young, University of Glasgow

Dr Laia Pujol Post, University of Glasgow and University of York and

Dr Sara Perry, University of York

From imagined to lived: the application of sensory and digital ethnographic approaches in capturing the users’ heritage process with mobile digital interpretations (MDIs) in outdoor cultural heritage landscapes

Brian Moss, Newcastle University

2.20 Holistic design to bridge the gap between digital and material collections

Prof Daniela Petrelli, Sheffield Hallam University

From ‘operator’ to ‘actant’: how museums made (and re-made) their digital user

Dr Ross Parry, University of Leicester

2.35 Discussion Discussion

3pm: Tea and Coffee (Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Manchester Museum) 

 PM Research practices in social media Reflecting on partnerships in digital cultural heritage
Kanaris Theatre (Chair: Dr Maria Economou) Discovery Centre (Chair: Dr Tracy Ireland)
3.30 Common ground and affordances in museums’ social media

Sophia Bakogianni, Open University of Cyprus and Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens

Dr Jahna Otterbacher, Open University of Cyprus

Diverging expectations: invisible work in digital heritage research and practice

Prof Paul Marty, Florida State University

3.45 Transforming digital data into heritage: social media posts in the museum

Dr Chiara Zuanni, Independent Researcher

Dynamic networks of UK national museums that influence on their digital projects

Juhee Park, University College London

4.00 The roles of heritage in political micro-activism on social media. An ethnographic approach

Dr Chiara Bonacchi, University College London

Marta Krzyzanska, University College London


#heritagegonewild: digital heritage field-schools as seedbeds for transformative heritage research

Harald Fredheim, University of York

L. Meghan Dennis, University of York

Tara Copplestone, University of York

Dr Sara Perry, University of York

4.15 The medium is the message: physical to digital display through the case study of Germans in Manchester

Sarah Feinstein, University of Manchester

Prof Margaret Littler, University of Manchester

4.30 Discussion Discussion

5.15-7pm: Posters and Drinks Reception
Graduate School Foyer, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Investigating web communication in the domain of digital cultural heritage
Chiara Bartolini, University of Bologna
Identifying the ICTs role in archaeological site museums through a spatial and pragmatic analysis
Dr Paolo Campetella, University Roma Tre
‘Researcher for the Day’: inviting visitors to crowdsource conservation needs
Dr Catherine Dillon, University College London, Qatar
Cymbeline Storey, University College London, Qatar
Dr Anna Bülow, British MuseumKaty Lithgow, National Trust
Dr Stavroula Golfomitsou, University College London, Qatar
Digital visualisation and interpretation of archaeological sites. The Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou experience
Francesca Dolcetti, University of York 
From open data to linked data: experiences from an ongoing project on historical settlements at the Swedish National Archives
Dr Olof Karsvall, The Swedish National Archives
Digital heritage and platform museum: sonic thinking as organising principle
Stefania Zardini Lacedelli, University of Leicester 
From changing tools to changing practices. Challenges for archaeology and heritage management when documenting, preserving and sharing digital data
Dr Åsa M. Larsson, Swedish National Heritage Board 
Accessing digital cultural heritage: developing a legal framework
Dr Antoinette Maget Dominicé, University of Lucerne
Dario Henri Haux, University of Lucerne
‘Five Paintings talking to children’: producing and evaluating a digital educational augmented reality app in Corfu Art Gallery, Greece

Dr Georgios Papaioannou, University College London in Qatar
Sofia Paschou, Ionian University, Greece

Placeholders: popup exhibitions and digital archives
Ellis Seth, Griffith University
Obtaining the sample for the analysis of heritage education apps developed in the Basque Country (Spain)

Prof Naiara Vicent, Ursula Luna, Aroia Kortabitarte and Dr Jurgi Kintana (University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU)

From digital access to digital sharing: “Amundsen’s Gjoa Haven Collection 1903-1905”
Tone Wang, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

7.30pm: Conference Dinner (booking required)


Friday 1st December 2017 (Manchester Museum)

9.00-9.30: Registration and coffee (Kanaris Theatre Foyer)

9.30-9.40: Welcome (Kanaris Theatre)

9.40-10.30: Keynote: Five ways to think about digital cultural heritage
Dr Haidy Geismar, University College London
(Chair: Dr Kostas Arvanitis) (Kanaris Theatre)

 AM Digital curation Design as a critical heritage methodology
Kanaris Theatre (Chair: Prof Christoph Bareither) Discovery Centre (Chair: Prof Daniela Petrelli)
10.40 Curatorial practice without a precedent: collecting and exhibiting the digital at the Smithsonian Institution

Dr Petrina Foti, Nazareth College

Design thinking for digital Heritage: designing a new family guide for the Fitzwilliam Museum

Dr Marco Mason University of Leicester

Dr Giasemi Vavoula, University of Leicester

10.55 Objects in context: new modes of collecting and curating digital posters

Anisa Hawes, Victoria and Albert Museum

Heritage and digital cultures: sustaining criticality through prototypical thinking

Dr Gabriella Arrigoni, Newcastle University

11.10 From slide collection to feminist net-work: digitization as a deviant performance to recover the politics of a moribund technology

Althea Greenan, Goldsmiths, University of London

Ethical complexities and new challenges when co­creating digitally enhanced exhibits with museum volunteers

Caroline Claisse, Sheffield Hallam University

11.25 Emerging the contemporary classical music culture in the digital era: methodology and visualization of linked data

Dr Artemis Papadaki, Bellerbys College

Inventive methods and digital cultural heritage research

Dr Jen Ross, University of Edinburgh

11.40 Discussion Discussion

12.10-1.15pm: Lunch (Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Manchester Museum)

 PM Researching memory practices in digital cultural heritage The politics of the algorithm


Kanaris Theatre (Chair: Prof Sarah Kenderdine) Discovery Centre (Chair: Dr Chiara Zuanni)
1.15 Past presencing through new media: making selfies in heritage spaces

Prof Christoph Bareither, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Gatekeeping imaginaries of cultural heritage research: the role of archives in shaping the possibilities of future research

Dr Nicola Horsley, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

1.30 Commemoration in the digital age: the digital materiality of the Tower of London Poppies

Dr Megan Gooch, Historic Royal Palaces

Negotiating the scalar politics of digital heritage

Dr Elizabeth Stainforth, University of Leeds

Dr Rhiannon Bettivia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1.45 ‘Ask the Assyrians, Armenians, Kurds’: nationalism and transcultural cross-referencing in YouTube comments

Dr Huw Halstead, University of York

Ethics and informatics: disclosing power hidden in museum technology

Dr Julian Hartley, Dim Sum Digital

2.00 Considering the right to change: issues of anonymity when heritage is mobilised to foster divisive viewpoints

David Farrell-Banks, Newcastle University

2.15 Discussion Discussion

2.45: Tea and Coffee (Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Manchester Museum)

3.00-4.00: Plenary Panel (Dr Kostas Arvanitis, University of Manchester; Prof Luigina Ciolfi, Sheffield Hallam University; Dr Areti Galani, Newcastle University; and Dr Ross Parry, University of Leicester)

4.00-4.15: Closing and Next Steps